Time Optimisation and Modular Costs

Thanks to the certified industrial excellence to date, La Manuelita guarantees that it can provide an excellent production quality, characterised by reduced time and adaptable costs, according to the client’s needs, through the optimisation of processes with the application of specific patents.


Transparency on the Production Status

Thanks to the aid of an evolved management Dashboard, La Manuelita is able to provide direct reports on the production status, with all the costs details.
For additional customer support and with the utmost transparency, La Manuelita provides detailed product specifications, with precise valuations of the individual costs, and combine them with an excellent quality 360° photorealistic rendering, representative of the final product, that provide a great contribution to the making of  the collection lookbook , reducing, once again, time and costs.


Full adherence to the Client’s Rules

It is the leitmotif of La Manuelita, such a resilient and flexible structure that can adapt to any requirement to meet the specific directives of each client. The company in this manner is able to guarantee:

  • short production times
  • adherence to the delivery schedule
  • complete flexibility
  • costs control


Logistics on the client’s side

Organised according to the specific needs of the customer, La Manuelita guarantees a logistics service with an important flexibility: this is how the company manages to be comprehensive with respect to all types of operational needs.


Thanks to the company’s know-how and to robotics, La Manuelita is able to offer its customers:

  • excellence in sampling
  • constant quality over the entire production
  • competitive costs (while maintaining high quality standards)
  • manufacturing of Made to Order and Made to Measure article