La Manuelita, the first and only in the industry, has been able to build on the talent and the culture of “artfully done”, typical of the luxury Made in Italy, an original and vigorous focus on the innovation of products and process.
The constant study, experimentation and the application of technologies, materials and advanced manufacturing techniques and solutions, have allowed a steady refinement of the qualitative characteristics of the complexity and style of the finished product.

La Manuelita, however, is not fully satisfied with results achieved and intends to make its approach – integrating the “know how” and the perfection of hi-tech, stylistic intake and technological precision – the driving force able to give the Italian luxury footwear industry a long-term growth perspective.

Giordano Torresi, Project Manager of La Manuelita, declares: “the future of Italian footwear is being built today with the commitment of companies like ours to study, experience and gear up to solve problems that arise, finding and sharing solutions that can be integrated into the production cycle, with a keen eye on the stylistic aspects, leading the Italian know-how to a higher level of excellence“.