Progetto is an all Italian research and design center, who caters the Brands and the footwear industry on a daily basis.

It was born as an internal division of the historic company La Manuelita, although it is proposed with its own specific identity and its own raison d’etre.

Progetto resolves and optimises technical challenges, defining and reworking the existing processes, evolving them into new solutions in compliance with the required costs and time.

The engineering, the research of leathers and innovative materials suited to the style that the shoe must meet are the cornerstones of the Progetto’s “re-evolution” of the footwear manufacturing processes: a 360° redefinition of design concepts, management and industrialisation of the footwear industry which starts from 3D digitised design, going through the changes in the production processes to ultimately arrive at the enhancement of the professionals working in the industry.

Moreover, thanks to decades of experience with leathers, Progetto offers support to all those companies that do not have a specific internal division dedicated to Research and Development and Quality Control for cutting materials, leathers and textiles. The contribution of Progetto is to refresh the offering for Style and Marketing Offices, following the guidelines of the client, to which provide a wide range of ideas and solutions which are the result of continuous research.

The company vision is based on the use of digital innovations and robotics, applied to the design of women’s footwear in its various heel heights. The latter is the true distinguishing feature of the company, since other structures, while taking advantage of the digital age and robotics, we were able to concentrate exclusively on shoes without height.

The development of robotics turns out to be a plus for the company, which is able to apply its benefit in the the footwear world, to date in a certainly pioneering way.

The team dedicated to the study and the development of the processes, combined with the a separate production line dedicated exclusively to the manufacturing of small quantities, combined with the highest levels of quality, return the guarantee of a “customised” and “bespoke” offer, which is one of a kind for quality and overall containment of costs.

The ability to offer a customised shoe at the time of purchase, both in the store and online, it’s becoming a crucial need for the player in the footwear market, which is why Progetto is an ideal partner thanks to the engineering of the production process for all those Brand that identify the Made to Order and Made to Measure services as a business opportunity.