With a look ever so turned to the future, the company mission of La Manuelita is to welcome transformation as an opportunity, a chance to overcome their limitations and boundaries through the exploitation of its own revolution and renewal.

But not only that: La Manuelita wants to embody a business model attentive to the suggestions and opportunities that the market offers to catch interesting directions, and wherever possible, make their own contribution on a larger scale. Indeed, an important objective that the company sets for itself is precisely to contribute to bring back to Italy the largest number of working currently executed abroad, through the engineering of production processes.

The research of advanced tools of engineering and automation thus represent the daily mission of the company, that wants to contribute to enhance the level of excellence of the Made in Italy through the technological and digital preparation of the players in the industry.

This is the perspective in which La Manuelita that, since 1973, manufactures high-end women’s footwear for major luxury brands. firmly believes.